Effective July 24th 2017, Marble Springs MX is closed for business due to issues beyond our control.

There will be no more practice days or races at our facility. We truly appreciate the support that we received over the past two seasons and have tried everything possible to continue running but as I was told by a friend, I need to stop thinking with my heart and instead use my head. I grew up with this sport and will always love what it brought to me: Friends, family and memories. Recently, one of our riders stopped up to help just prior to a Wednesday practice and said to me, “Ed, you must really love motocross to do all of this.” I jokingly said back that I have learned to hate it. But Yes, I really do love this sport called motocross.

I am sorry that we cannot continue operations at this location as I really want to see a successful track in true Western New York and wish the other tracks in our area the very best of luck.  

Those of you that know me know that I am the type of person that can go on and on over subjects close to my heart. But no, not this time. We did the very best we could to make it work at the track and I have so many people to thank that helped us that itself would be too much to write. Instead I would like to thank all of you that were involved in one way or another with us.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ed Abdo and Family